INDUOTEATRO PRODUCTIONS born in late 2009 of the encounter three-theater professionals Andaluz, José Manuel Sánchez “Andreu”, director of scene (producer) who has in his curriculum more than thirty theatrical directed spectacles. Pilar Jiménez, actress and set designer, co-founder with Andreu of the companies “Amaranta Teatro” and “D’accion Merx”, which for 15 years developed the theatrical labor in multitude of andalusian scenes obtaining the consideration of company revelation at the end of the 90s, and Chico Garcia, actor and licentiate in dramatic art for the High School of Dramatic Art of Malaga. From the foundation has established clearly his principal objective inside the theatrical activity attending to the most important and essential aspect of any representation: the interpretation of the actors in the theatre of text. His shows range from comedy to drama of the great classics.

INDUOTEATRO PRODUCCIONES has come to consolidate within the Spanish theater sector in just a few years, as a theater company specializing in Greco-Roman Theatre and Spanish classical theater, with a unique style and distinctive theatrical language in continuing research. This exponential growth in their productions is due to the development of a corporate structure seated on two pillars, the management apparatus whose business ethics pursues theatrical consolidation as a cultural product adaptable and responsive to social and economic reality around us, and artistic department is firmly committed to bring to the stage where THEATRE productions poses to the viewer a cultural experience that reflects in the interest of this by approaching again to the theatrical.

A sample of this business growth is participation in the last two editions in the INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF CLASSICAL THEATRE OF MERIDA, with its shows, MEDEA (2011) and FEDRA (2012) as well as an increase in the number of performances by different national Roman theaters. Also in 2013 INDUOTEATRO PRODUCTIONS has been invited by INTERNATIONAL THEATRE INSTITUTE (ITI) to participate in the 17th INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF ANCIENT GREEK DRAMA of Cyprus, thus beginning a new business career in the export of the Spanish theater beyond our country. In this business development INDUOTEATRO PRODUCTIONS has carried out in August 2013 the production, management and direction of the first edition of CLASSIC THEATRE FESTIVAL OF ESTEPONA.

Through these two years of work INDUOTEATRO PRODUCCIONES has taken to scene three spectacles, TENORIO’S SHADOW (december 2009) by Jose Luis Alonso de Santos, interpreted by Chico Garcia and where the critique has emphasized his interpretive work. At the beginning of 2011 INDUOTEATRO release MEDEA of Euripides under the direction of Andreu and with Pilar Jimenez to the front as protagonist. In this new spectacle the company submerges in the mythical classic tragedy of Euripides, to take to scene an assembly where classic tragedy and flamenco join in a scenic perfect balance between both kinds. This spectacle has been recently included in the program of 57 edition of the International Festival of Classic Theatre of Mérida and rewarded also in Theatre's National Contest of the city of Lerma (Burgos).

It is also in March 2011, and coinciding with the world day of the Theatre, when INDUOTEATRO releases his third spectacle I.OEDIPUS, contemporary tragedy based on the myth of Oedipus, with Chico Garcia’s original texts from the works of Sophocles and Seneca, and led by Chico Garcia and Pilar Jimenez. At 2012 INDUOTEATRO PRODUCCIONES produces PHAEDRA, Andreu is the director and the actors, again, Chico Garcia and Pilar Jiménez, and premieres at the 58th International Festival of Classical Theatre, the roman theater of Regina. For 2013 INDUOTEATRO PRODUCCIONES has settled a score to settle with the Spanish Classical Theatre of the Golden Age, with its new production NO TEASING WITH CALDERON a show created from the comedy "No teasing with love" and mummery "visions of Death "by Calderon de la Barca.



Bachelor of Dramatic Art in the Acting & Performance Specialty, by ESAD Malaga. He practices and training, simultaneously in the field of Theatre and Broadcasting. Co-founder of Productions INDUOTEATRO within this company combines the work of artist, consultant and art director responsible for the distribution and production departments. Among the latest work in productions played INDUOTEATRO also work as an actor in producing Pentación, FEDRA under the direction of José Carlos Plaza and sharing the stage with performers such as Alícia Hermida, Ana Belén. Chema Muñoz, Fran Perea.


Actress. graduate Dramatic Art by ESAD of Malaga in 1988, has participated as a actress in over 40 spectacles in all genres and different formats, as a specialist in the construction and theatrical performance of dramatic and tragic characters. In the research field, has opted for the study of representation and staging of the Spanish theater of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, as well as the historical development of stage space in seventeenth centuries in the theater Spanish. Co-founder of Productions INDUOTEATRO within this company combines the work of actress with the responsible artistic designs scenery and lighting.


Stage director and actor. Graduated in Dramatic Art by ESAD of Malaga in 1988. With a career of thirty years and more than 60 shows directed. Formed with directors of renowned national and international including Miguel Narros, Antonio Diaz Zamora, Lluis Masgrau, Nicolás Núñez (director of UNAM of Mexico and member of ISTA), Torgeil Wethal (actor and stage director of Odin Teatret), Konrad Zschiedrich (director of the Berliner Ensemble) and theatrical researchers as Patrice Pavis or José Antonio Sánchez. Co-founder of Productions INDUOTEATRO within this company combines the work of organization and management of artistic productions, artistic director and technical manage.